Fig Leaf Wardrobe

August 27, 2009



The V & A are hosting a new exhibition celebrating contemporary design Telling Tales : Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary Design

The V & A writes that the exhibition ‘ explores the recent trend among European designers for unique or limited edition pieces that push the boundaries between art and design.’

‘It showcases furniture, lighting and ceramics, designed by a new generation of international designers, including Tord BoontjeMaarten Baas,  Jurgen Bey and Studio Job, who are all inspired by the spirit of story-telling. Each tells a tale through their use of decorative devices, historical allusions or choice of materials, sharing common themes such as fantasy, parody and a concern with mortality’

The exhibition is free, open daily 10.00am -17.30pm and Fridays 10.00am -21.30pm, and runs until the 18th October. 


Rabbit Hutch Britain

August 17, 2009
Smallest house in Great Britain. Copyright: DerbyRed

Smallest house in Great Britain. Copyright: DerbyRed

It is is claimed that the  fisherman’s cottage on the quayside in Conwy and built in the 1800s is the smallest house in Britain. According to a survey for the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) some houses still lack enough space in which their owners can live comfortably. Houses, flats and bungalows built between 2003 and 2006 are said to be far too small for children to play in. 2,500 owners of private new homes were surveyed: 57% said that they didn’t have enough storage space, 47% didn’t have room for all the furniture they needed and 35% said that there weren’t enough surfaces in the kitchen to store basic appliances like toasters and microwave ovens. Researchers said that economically disadavantaged households are more likely to suffer from a lack of space and having a larger living area would have both health and educational benefits. Families with a  proper dining area  are more likely to eat healthily and develop closer relationships. CABE says that the lack of space could also affect the current Government waste policy because 72% of house owners do not have enough space outside to store their recycling bins. Richard Simmons, CABE chief executive, said that local planning authorities needed to stipulate adequate space standards for houses before allowing developments to proceed.  If you want to research further into the social aspects of housing you can consult our resources,  ASSIA and the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) and  Civil Engineering Abstracts will provide references and links to full text for all the technical aspects of housing.

CAMIO: Catalog of Art Museum Images Online

July 28, 2009




Camio is a new picture resource available via MetaLib.

Camio is a premier resource of high-quality art images from around the world contributed and described by leading museums, all rights-cleared for educational use.

Every work in CAMIO is represented by at least one high-resolution image and a description. Many have additional views of the work, sound, video and curatorial notes.

Terms of Use

Please note:  Any Work (or part thereof) that is downloaded and/or copied into print, digital, or any other media shall include the proper attribution, including but not limited to any copyright notice, as shown for the Work when it is displayed through CAMIO, as well as the database copyright notice “CAMIO.© OCLC”. ……No Work (or any part thereof) may be incorporated into any Web site that is accessible to anyone other than Authorized Users.’

Access is direct from on-campus via MetaLib.    For off-campus access please login to the Library pages via the Remote Working Portal

Defra – making the most of packaging

July 22, 2009


Snowfall Before 2009 - Photo by Steve Keys

 Snowfall before 2009   –  photo Steve Keys

Defra has published  a new strategy for managing waste packaging: New Packaging Strategy, Making the most of packaging,

Defra writes that the new publication ‘ outlines packaging policy’s direction for the next decade. The Strategy’s overall aim is to minimise the environmental impact of packaging, without compromising its ability to protect the product and also sets out plans to improve the recycling of packaging waste.’

‘In 2008 the UK disposed of an estimated 10.7 million tonnes of packaging waste, of which around 65 % (Source NPWD) was recovered.  This is a significant achievement when compared to the fact that only 27% of packaging waste was recovered in 1998 (Source publication: e-Digest of Environmental Statistics, March 2006). However, more still needs to be done and Defra will continue working to:

  • minimise the amount of packaging used and so the amount of packaging waste, and
  • ensure that a high proportion of packaging materials are recovered and recycled

The management of packaging and packaging waste is enforced by EC directive 2004/12/EC which seeks to reduce the impact of packaging and packaging waste on the environment by introducing recovery and recycling targets for packaging waste and by encouraging minimisation and reuse.

Loughborough University subscribes to several  online journals which cover packaging and the environemt,  such as  Packaging Magazine,    Paperboard Packaging,   Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management and Waste News etc,  which can be accessed via MetaLib.  [Athens username and password required for off campus access.]. 

The University Library also has a comprehensive collection of books on packaging design, graphic design and  aesthetics of packaging, innovation, sustainability,  structure  and environmental issues.

If you would like to learn more about UK packaging and waste mangement, please see the links below.

 Packaging & Packaging Waste – recycling and recovery targets

EU directive 2004/12/EC


The Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP)

Department of Design and Technology, Loughborough University


Sea of Tranquillity

July 21, 2009



 Apollo 40th Anniversary


 ‘Apollo 11 makes its thunderous, fiery exit at tea time on July 16th with its three man crew: Mr. Neil Armstrong, a civilian who is destined to be the first on the moon, Lieutenant-Colonel Edwin Aldrin, who will walk the surface with him, and Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Collins who will stay in the orbiting command module………Perhaps the greatest prize awaited from the journey is the 50lb. of lunar rock and soil the astronauts are expected to gather ……… ‘The Times Tuesday, Jun 03, 1969; pg. III; Issue 57576; col A

The lunar rock samples brought by the Apollo missions show us that the moon contains familiar material such as iron, aluminium, potassium, magnesium, feldspar, basalt, ranging in form from fine dust to rugged rocks and boulders.  

Samples were distributed to a selection of  scientific institutions throughout the world,  and lunar rock samples went on public display at the Museum and Institute of Geological Sciences, London, in September 1969 [Edinburgh University’s sample is said to have ‘arrived in a tiny phial wrapped in a pair of pyjamas …. Five grams of  greyish brown dust … estimated to be worth more than £1m.’   The Times Saturday, Sep 20, 1969; pg. 1; Issue 57670; col A]

Loughborough University subscribes to over 40 aeronautical and astronolical journals online, such as Acta astronauticaAstronomy & geophysicsAstrophysics and Space Science  and Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy , all of which can be accessed via MetaLib.   [ATHENS username and password required for off campus access]

Image collections are available also in MetaLib, giving a wide range of pictures of the moon, footage from  NASA space missions, interviews with former astronauts, audio tracks of the moon landings, – for audio visual material you can use  Newsfilm online  [ some 3,000 hours of footage; c. 60,000 stories] and  BBC Motion Gallery [which contains over 30,000 clips are available, spanning 70 years].   [ATHENS username and password required for access].

If you would like to learn more about the Apollo missions, please see the links below.

Google Moon

Film of Apollo 11

Audio Apollo 11 landing

NASA – Celebrating the ‘giant leap’

Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University.

Department of Geography at Loughborough University

Project Muse

July 6, 2009


 question mark 1


Project MUSE is excited to announce two new features that help users more easily locate articles relevant to their research.

The new features are: 

A ‘Search this Journal’ search box. This search box appears on each journal’s home page, on the Table of Contents (TOC) of each issue, and on each article.

The ‘Search This Journal’ feature enables a user to quickly check all issues of the journal in MUSE, with a single search, for all articles in that journal pertaining to a particular subject.

Summaries (abstracts) for articles. MUSE now provides a link for the summary of each article. Users know that the ability to scan summaries of articles is essential to determining which articles are relevant to their research.

That ability is now available in MUSE. The Summary links appear on the TOCs and in search results, next to the article format options of HTML and PDF.

MUSE on MetaLib

Project Muse is available on MetaLib

Your Athens username and password is required to access this database.  If you do not have your Athens username and password please contact Ask a Librarian.

MUSE on Facebook 

MUSE has been on Facebook for some time now….Find MUSE at  Become a fan of MUSE! You can also follow Muse on Twitter, @ProjectMUSE.

The indetail09 industrial design degree show 2009

June 9, 2009



June 12th – 19th 2009

The indetail09 industrial design degree show is a collection of undergraduate work from Loughborough University’s Design and Technology department.

This year’s event will be held at the Sir Denis Rooke Building in Holywell Park, Loughborough and will showcase over 100 student projects.

Admission is free and there is no need to book in advance.

We look forward to meeting you!

Opening Times

Friday       12th June        12pm – 5pm
Saturday  13th June        10am – 5pm
Sunday     14th June       10am – 5pm
Monday   15th June       10am – 5pm
Tuesday   16th June      10am – 12pm

The indetail09 industrial design degree show