The Derby 1909


When the bay colt Minoru won The Derby in 1909 ‘…the tumult of jubilation was overwhelming.  Occupants of the stand waved their hats…and gave lusty vent to their feelings; thousands of ardent enthusiasts came running down the course to the stand, and they in turn shouted with delight till they could shout no more.  

‘On the hill beyond more hats were thrown in the air and more outbursts of rejoicing were heard.   Meanwhile his Majesty had left his place, gone down the steps….to lead the winner back. the King re-entered the enclosure holding his colt’s leading rein, and then once more enthusiam burst forth, cries of  “Vive le Roi” giving evidence of the presence of sportsmen from France.  It was a spectacle never to be forgotten.’ The Times, Thursday, May 27, 1909; pg. 10; Issue 38970; col A

King Edward VII had leased the colt from Lord Wavertree, and was the first monach to have a horse win the Derby. A race course in Richmond, Canada, was named after the horse and the colt featured on a the box lid of a racing board game.

Loughborough University Library subscribes to a number of equestrian sports related e-journals such as Horse and Rider,  Practical Horsemanship , Dressage today  and the Corinthian Horse Sport.   For the horse owner, there are also a number of veterinary titles available such as Equine and comparative exercise physiologyJournal of Equine Science,  The British veterinary journal  and Equus.   Off campus access available using Athens username and password or by logging in to the Remote Working Portal and MetaLib. 

Minoru Horse sculpture – sculptor Sergei Traschenko

Equestrianism in the East Midlands

Horses – equine issues in Government

Strategy for the Horse Industry in England and Wales

The Equestrian


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