The E-Reference Library

Part of my library. Copyright: Hamzeh Karbasi
Part of my library. Copyright: Hamzeh Karbasi

There is a lot of debate currently about the respective merits of books in hard copy and electronic format but what cannot be questioned is the value of the electronic reference book. From your desktop you can now access the equivalent of  several shelves of reference works like the ones depicted in the photograph.  If you need to check the spelling of a word, you can consult the Oxford English Dictionary and find that you’ll be tempted to browse for a while to check how your word’s meaning has changed through time. If it is biographical information you are searching for, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography will provide the answer if  you need to find out about  a deceased British subject or a person who has influenced British history. Among the subject specific works you will discover many social science and humanities titles.  The Sage collection includes the encyclopedias of children, adolescents and the media; social science research methods and even murder.  Among the Oxford Digital Reference titles are works on decorative and performance arts, British and American literature; linguistics and economic history. Take a look at the Library’s e-Books webpage and find out exactly how many reference works are available to you.


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