How to survive your exams

Exam cram. Copyright: Elaine Faith,

Exam cram. Copyright: Elaine Faith,


It is generally agreed that exam time can be stressful. Stress can be a positive thing, helping you to stay motivated and focused but too much can make you feel weary and anxious.

If it is all getting too much for you there are some things you can do to improve the situation.

Remember to eat properly, it is a fact that too many students live on takeaways, snacks and convenience food. In a recent investigation by a student newspaper, “The Oxford Student” into diet and lifestyle it was  found that nearly three quarters of the 100 respondents said they felt less healthy during term time.  According to Anna Denny a nutritional scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation “Food has a massive impact on the body and mind function … so problems arise if students consume a limited diet”  Try to eat the recommended five fruits or vegetables a day and avoid too much fast food.

Limit your caffeine intake – taking too much coffee and coke make help you to stay awake but too much can make you unable to sleep or concentrate properly. You study better if you take regular breaks and get enough sleep.

Clear your mind by taking some exercise – it doesn’t have to be too vigorous. You can take a walk around the campus or go for a swim in the lovely pool and you’ll find that  you go back to your studies feeling refreshed and able to absorb some knowledge.

 But if you cannot control your anxiety and feel overwhelmed by the prospect of revision and exams,  remember that staff in the University Counselling Service are there to help you through this time. You can phone or e-mail them  to make an appointment.


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