BBC to launch political webcasting service : Democracy Live

Motorway sign on M6 7/7/2005. Copyright David Wulff
Motorway sign on M6 7/7/2005. Copyright David Wulff

The above photograph was taken on July 7th 2005, the day when the London tube bombings took place. On this date the BBC received a thousand stills and videos, 3,000 texts and 20,000 e-mails. According to the director of BBC News, Helen Boaden, this was the day that news gathering in Britain changed forever – ‘it introduced citizen journalism on an unprecedented scale fuelled by the use of mobile camera and video phones’.

In response to the growth in this new kind of  journalism the BBC is to launch a political webcasting platform in the autumn known as ‘Democracy Live’ . The site will offer ‘live and on-demand video from all the main UK institutions and the European Parliament’. Users will be able to search the site for video footage of officials and the topics that are of interest to them.
They will be then be able to follow the contributions of elected representatives in the various parliaments and find out more about their backgrounds.
As well as providing an important resource for current affairs, the site will also include information on the workings of the institutions of the UK government and their powers .
The aim is to make ‘Democracy Live’ a resource that is to be shared with its users who will be able download video and text content and place it on their own blogs and sites.

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