Strike A Light!

Strike A Light!



Following the Easter vacation the Library shall be participating in the European Union’s new ‘Strike A Light!’ energy saving programme. To help counter the grave ecology crisis by conserving energy, the library shall be switching off the lights on all of its levels. Users will instead be issued with hard-hats equipped with miner’s lamps to help them light their way!


Eschewing the standard, environment damaging nickel-cadmium batteries, these lamps will be powered by solar-batteries. The wearer will be required to stand outside the library in direct sunlight for a minimum of 30 minutes to provide 10 minutes illumination time. On rainy days, sun lamps shall be set up in the library foyer for users’ convenience. Either way, it’s a good excuse to top up your tan!


In a statement to accompany the launch of this scheme, Flora Lopis, the head of the University’s Health & Safety Department, said:


“We heartily endorse and encourage this new programme. Besides the shrinking of the University’s carbon-footprint through the switching off of the library’s lights, there is also the added safety bonus of the hard-hats. In the last academic year alone, 27 students and members of staff were injured by books falling off shelves onto their heads. These hats will ensure that never, ever happens again.”


Hard-hats and further information can be collected from the Library Reception Desk on Level 3 from April 1st.


You may also find these links of use:


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