Searches on Google 2008

Ever wondered about what other people search for on Google?  If so, you can now find out.  Google has just published Google Zeitgeist 2008 so you can see the most popular searches across the world and those that are currently rising in popularity.  For the UK, the top five most popular searches included ‘facebook’, ‘bbc’, ‘you tube’, ‘ebay’ and ‘games’.  Our most popular politician search was ‘gordon brown’ and the top recipe search was for ‘cupcake’.  We are obviously a nation with a sweet tooth, as six of the top ten recipes were for cakes or desserts.  And whilst we always thought that we were obsessed with the weather, this does not figure in the UK’s most popular searches but does come as 4th in Canada, 7th in Switzerland and 9th in France and Australia.

If you have a spare few minutes have a look at the webpage, as it is really quite fascinating reading.

(Thanks to the Sarah Gentleman’s posting on the Research Information Network’s blog  for alerting me to this webpage).


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