New improved photocopiers in the Library

As visitors to the LIbrary will already have noticed, Loughborough University staff and students now have access to new, improved photocopiers in the Library, which also means cheaper colour copies!  The new machines take the cost of the copies from your printer credits rather than you needing to have a separate photocopy card.  If you already have a card, you can bring it along to the customer service desk in the Library and we will credit your printing account with the amount left on the card, plus the £1 you usually receive when you return the card.

The new copiers can all do colour, as well as blackand white, and they can all do duplex copying (two-sided).  The colour copying has also been reduced in price from 50p to 20p per copy.  Black and white remains at 5p for A4 and 6p for A3.  To access the machines and your credits, you simply log in using your usual Loughborough University username and password.

If you use the Library but are not a member of the University then you can still use your card in one of the old machines and top it up as before.

If you have any questions about this, or any of the other changes in the Library, please contact the Customer Services desks in the Library.


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