Researching Family History




© Copyright 1970-2008 Rick Audet (Richard Audet).


The latest series of the fascinating  BBC 1 series Who Do You Think You Are? has helped a number of celebrities discover family secrets which have both shocked and surprised them. If you need help with your family research why not visit the The National Archives ? The expert help available there can give you useful pointers especially if you think you’ve reached an impasse. On this website more secrets can found in the latest files released by the Security Services including  accounts of surveillance of communists and suspected communists so if you know you have a relative who was once an activist you could find him or her listed here.  Should you have Irish ancestry there is also a podcast on the site with some helpful information about the sources you need to consult to trace your forebears. Remember also that your local public library has resources both printed and electronic to help you with your family tree.


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