Beijing 2008 and beyond…

Loughborough University - Beijing 2008 Logo

Tomorrow, in what will no doubt be an extravagant ceremony, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will open. There are a lot of websites out there with information about the Games, the key ones being ‘The Official website of the Olympic Movement‘, and the ‘Official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games‘. The BBC has its own website, which includes a blog and commentary from its presenters and journalists. Loughborough University also its own webpages and blog to follow its 55 athletes (students past and present, as well as University based) at the Olympics and Paralympics.  It will be easy to catch up on who has won which event and how Team GB are doing.

The Olympics are much more than sport, however.  Did you know about the development and renovation of the Chinese water cube pool? Do you know what ‘image’ young Americans have of China – both as a tourist destination and as the host of the Games? How are the Games going to effect China economically? By searching some of our many databases in Metalib, such as  SPORTdiscus, you can find all this information and much more, such as ‘Environmental issues’, ‘The economic effects of the Games’ and ‘The drug wars’.

So, as we have a team competing in this event (unlike Euro 2008!) there are plenty of ways you can keep up-to-date with how many medals we have won during the event itself, or take a look at the Games from a more ‘academic’ perspective over many years to come.


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