Free geographical e-books and maps on the web


The University Library subscribes to over 40 geography databases, and over 400 geography related e-journals.  All these titles can be accessed via MetaLib  using your Athens username and password.


However, there is a growing collection of material freely available via the web, made possible by sites such as Project Gutenberg which currently has around 25,000 copyright free books available full text [published before 1923 when copyright was established] containing such items as ‘ Discoveries in Australia, Volume 1..With an Account of the Coasts and Rivers Explored and Surveyed During The Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle’ by John Lort Stokes, 1812-1885.




Oxford Digital Library: Key 17th, 18th to 19th century geological literature



Project Gutenberg


Google Books



Internet Archive





Digital Book Index


Maps are a valuable reource and the digital library of Bibliothèque Nationale de France’s site Gallica provides free online access to 70,000 digitised works, over 80,000 images and several tens of hours of sound resources.  


Map of the Thames estuary as Willem Janszoon Blaeu's Pascaarte verthoonende de mont vande Teemse Rivier van Londen

 Maps and other resources







Digital Library for Earth System Education



Oxford Digital Library: Maps on the web


La Biblioteca del IGME. Biblioteca digital. Cartografía geológica histórica



Free downloadable GB maps


The British Library also links to collections of digital facsimiles, some of which will contain geographical and map related material.

For further links to free geographical e-books and other online material on the web, see Intute.



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