Euro 2008

Now that Euro 2008 has started, without any of the UK’s teams, there are loads of websites out there with information about the tournament.  The key one is naturally UEFA’s official Euro 2008 website, which has live video, replays, and all the latest news for fans.  The BBC has its own site, which also includes a blog and commentary from its presenters and journalists, as does ITV.  However, if you don’t like football or want to look beyond the match results and inevitable hype, there is a lot more to the event than what happens on the pitch, as you can see from the research that has been done on Euro 2004.

A search on the database SPORTdiscus for ‘Euro 2004’ finds 143 results with subjects including biography, strategy, statistics, reporters and reporting, management and interviews.  There are abstracts of articles about ‘Euro 2004 and football fashion’, ‘The importance of events in tourism:impacts of the UEFA-Euro 2004 on the accommodation industry in Algarve, Portugal’ and ‘An evaluation of the sponsorship of Euro 2004’.  A similar search on Communications Abstracts discovered two very different articles.  One looking at Greek nationalism and international recognition in Euro 2004 and another examining representations of Portugal and England in Euro 2004 newspaper coverage.

So, if you are not a sports fan, don’t forget that Euro 2008 is about a lot more than football, and if you do enjoy the game, make the most of the next few weeks!



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