What is all the bleeping?!

If you have visited Loughborough University Library over the past few weeks, you may well have noticed groups of librarians gathering trolleys of books from the shelves to take them to separate area, and then a lot of ‘bleeping’ starts.   There is a good reason for this odd, and annoying, behaviour!  Over the summer the Library will be implementing a new system called RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and we are currently putting RFID ‘tags’ into every book in the Library.  As there are over 400,000 books to work through, this takes some time… 

You will be pleased to know that users will benefit from this work and the new system, because, over the summer, we will be installing some new self-service stations. These will not only mean quicker issues, but also you will be able to return and renew books, as well as pay fines.  As a result of these changes, the entrance area to Level 3 will be remodelled to provide an even more effective enquiry service.

You will be kept informed as these changes happen.  Please let us know what you think about the new self-service stations, when they are in place, and the re-arrangement of the enquiry services on Level 3, as we want these changes to make your use of the Library an even more positive experience.


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