House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

May 21, 2008

Do you have an interest in the history of the UK either as a researcher or a general reader ? If so, you will find that one of our latest digitised acquisitions – the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers is a fascinating repository of primary sources of the history of Great Britain from 1700 onwards. These papers are the working documents of government covering social, political, economic and foreign policy.

Many contributors to the papers were not politicians but famous names such as Matthew Arnold,  Michael Faraday, Edwin Chadwick,  and William Beveridge and many others. If you search by subject you can find examples of papers on the abolition of the slave trade or the unrest in  the framework knitters and hosiery industry in Leicester in 1819 or find out how some contemporary issues were also a cause for concern in the late nineteeth century Eastern European Immigration and the Irish question.  The coverage of the papers contintues until 2004 so for those of you who are following a current issue like the proposed legislation on detention powers or want some information on MPs’ allowances  please go to

The image has been released into the public domain by its author, Arpingstone. This applies worldwide.


International Year of the Potato – 2008

May 20, 2008

 Click to view  International Year of the Potato – 2008


The United Nations are celebrating the potato in 2008 as the fourth largest food crop grown world-wide, along side wheat, maize and rice.

There are currently 82 online agriculture-related journals currently available through from the Loughborough University Library via MetaLib, listed under the category E-journals ‘Environment’ and ‘Agruculture’ such as :





To find out more about the potato, its history [the potato originates from Central and South America and brought to Europe around the 16th century], nutritional properties, diseases, economic role and current potato events, you can visit these sites: 

International Year of the Potato 2008

Potato Council

Information For Potato Growers from SERD (Scottish Executive Rural Directorate, formerly SEERAD)

The European Association for Potato Research

Potato recipes


Revision and Exam Skills Workshop

May 1, 2008
Are you struggling to revise? Then come to this workshop, as it will provide hints and tips about approaching exams with confidence.

Participants will learn:

* what is involved in revision

* tips for effective revision

* exam skills

Date: Tuesday 6th May

Time: 1:00 till 1:50 pm

Venue: Pilkington Library, Level 3, Training room 1

Booking: You can book through the Careers Online booking system at

If you haven’t used this booking system before, you will need to register and invent your own username and password.

If you cannot make this workshop, then you can find helpsheets on the Library website at: 

There is also a tutorial on Learn at: (You will need you Loughborough username and password to log in).

Finally, if you have exams coming up, good luck!!