Information literacy

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The importance of information literacy skills cannot be overestimated. A high proportion of the British labour force are knowledge workers – people who work in industries whose main skills depend information literacy. You may think that you have all the skills that you need already but do you really know how to find relevant information or recognise when it is biased and unreliable? Do you know about the “Invisible Web” and how to extract information from it? Sign up for some of our information literacy courses and you will acquire skills that will enable you to manage your time more effectively and find all kinds of information. You will find out how to trace quality material for your studies and information on  a wide range of subjects : career opportunities, travel and medical information and much more. Alternatively,  if you don’t have time to attend the workshops, you could work through InfoTrail our self-paced online tutorial


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  1. Jan says:

    Nice Post. Very interesting.

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