IBSS – Easier to use

The International Bibliography for Social Sciences (IBSS) has a new, enhanced search screen to make searching for journal articles, books and book chapters easier and more intuitive.  In the previous version, you had to include linking words, such as AND, to connect ideas but now it is more like Google and the Library catalogue and will link them automatically.  New features also include a thesaurus, which can help you to locate different keywords for similar topics, plus alerting tools, such as emailed table of contents alerts and RSS feeds.

If you haven’t ever used IBSS before and are doing a Social Science, Politics or Economics topic, it would be well worth trying it out.  It contains details of journal articles held by the top university libraries for Social Sciences in Europe, as well as books and book chapter records.  It includes details of journals, books and book chapters from 1951 onwards. Since the autumn of last year, it has also started to include book summaries to give even more detail about the contents of potentially useful material.  To link across from IBSS to Loughborough University Library’s print and electronic holdings, don’t forget to click on the SFX link in every record. 

If you want to have a look at IBSS, find it within Metalib.  You will need your Athens username and password to connect to IBSS from off-campus.


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