Smart Bunnies

Baby rabbits are cute.  Penguins are popular, looking both comical and streamlined in a dinner jacket.
Combine the two with the appropriate technology and you have  a Wi-fi Rabbit and a Tux Droid, both friendly and compatible to your PC.
The Nabaztag wi-fi rabbit

The Nabaztag wi-fi rabbit  – a new ‘communications device’ which can ‘move its ears, light up in hundreds of colours, play music and even speak’. ‘There are different levels of service – “free rabbit” offers you messages and alerts without charge, while “full rabbit” offers additional feed alerts, the ability to send MP3s and personalised email, with Nabaztag actually reading out your received messages…’
For details and demonstrations, click

Tux Droid

This penguin is a desktop companion that uses  ‘wireless fed, text to speech enabled, a programmable robot that flaps and twirls, reads your email to you, tells the time, can alert you to RSS feeds ‘
For details and demonstrations, click
The use of animals in advertising and product design is nothing new and information about new technical gadgets is available through  MetaLib , which offers you a vast amount of resources available to you,  such as

  • ABI Research (ProQuest)
  • ArticleFirst (OCLC)
  • Emerald Fulltext
  • Web of Science
  • Nexis UK

So, if you are thinking of researching new portable gadgets, try MetaLib pages for Business and Management and  Design and Technology,  and see what you can find…


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