Power of supermarkets

As reported widely in the media, last week the Competition Commission published the latest stage in its investigation into the UK groceries market.  The final report is due at the end of April.  The documents, evidence and announcements eminating from this inquiry are available on the Competition Commission’s website, which has a  section devoted to the inquiry , which has been underway since May 2006.  The website also provides access to the Commission’s earlier report on supermarkets which was published in October 2000.

If you want to look further into the Supermarket ‘market’, then you can get an overview of the situation in the UK from Mintel.  Its ‘Food Retailing’ report dates from November 2007, with the next one due in November 2008.  It provides an overview of the market, plus competitor analysis, detailed customer demographics for online grocery shopping, as well as traditional stores, plus a look to the future.  To access Mintel, go to Metalib and then either search for ‘Mintel’ as database or browse the ‘Business and Management’ category to locate it.  This latter way will also enable you to see the variety of databases the Library suggests for business topics.  To access Mintel off-campus, you will need to use a separate username and password, which you can access from the Library’s passwords page.


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