Lots to try!

The Library has instigated a number of database trials for the next few weeks.  So now is your chance to try out Oxford Reference Online, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online; the Complete Cambridge Companions Online and a number of Social Science online encyclopaedias via Gale Virtual Reference (International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Encyclopedia of Race and Racism and Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender). 

To access the Oxford and Cambridge trials, use the links above or go to the Trials category on Metalib and let us know your views.  The Cambridge trial lasts until the 28th February and the Oxford ones until 8th March.  You will need to be on-campus to view these.  To access the Gale trial go to:  http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/loughuni 
and select the new titles from the Advanced Search’s ‘Publication Title’ option .  If you are accessing Gale off-campus, you will need your Athens username and password.  The Gale trial lasts until 11th March.

Please let us know your views via the ‘Comments’ .  And, thinking of a previous post, could any of them replace Wikipedia for you?


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